Eid’ul Adha July 9th, 2022

Asalam Mu’Lakum,

ISNP would like to announce that Eid-ul Adha will be on Saturday July 9, 2022.  Taqbeerah will start at 8:30am and Salat at 9am. 

People can bring snacks and drinks to share with others after prayer but ask you take your leftovers with you. Please do not leave your food behind and clean up after yourself. 

If anyone is available to help setup on Friday after Jummah, please let one of the board members know. 

There will be activities for the kids after salat, including a bouncy castle. We look forward to spending the morning with you at the mosque. 

Please help with our mosque renovations by donating. The options for donations to the mosque are explained here

Eid Mubarak and see you at the mosque on Saturday!