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The following is the policy regarding installation of markers in the Islamic Cemetery Niagara. Before you order a marker please discuss it with a member of the Cemetery Committee.
  1. Only flat markers are allowed. These must he constructed of granite, bronze or similar non-corrosive material. The markers must be at least 4 inches thick.
  2. All markers shall be installed with the topmost section level with the ground and in the presence of a representative of the Cemetery Committee.
  3. The recommended size of the marker is 15 x 12 inches. No marker shall exceed 24 x 18 inches. Markers over 172 sq. inches will require a payment of $50 to the Care and Maintenance Fund.
  4. No inscription shall be placed on the marker which is not in keeping with the policy of the Cemetery.
  5. The Cemetery reserves the right to remove any marker found to be in contravention of these regulations.
  6. The Cemetery shall not be responsible for any damage to the markers.