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ISNP Cemetery

The Islamic Cemetery of Niagara Burial Info:
Islamic Society of Niagara Peninsula and St.Catharines Mosque work together in order to provide Burial Lots for any Muslim in the Niagara Peninsula. The Islamic Cemetery of Niagara is located at Yokom Road in Niagara Falls.

To process a legal burial that complies with provincial laws, a Lot must be first purchased. In order to to purchase a lot for burial we require: 
1. Completed Application Form available from either of the two mosques
2. A Burial Order which is only available from City Hall after presenting them with a death certficate 
3, The price of a Burial Lot does NOT include other services such as
 washing of the body, kafan, box, opening and closing of the graves, transportation or any Funeral Home services. 
Volunteers provide their services free for washing/ghusl and request that immediate family members of  the deceased participate in the process whenever possible.
Please contact the either Mosque for full price details as well as the current price of the Burial Lot.
Niagara Falls Mosque (905) 295 4845; or 
The St.Catharines Mosque 
(905) 641-8007

Information and requirement of burial
  1. Body washing facilities are available at both masajids. Masjid Alnoor in St. Catharines and ISNP Masjid on Lyons creek.
  2. Body must be buried in a wooden box. Both Masajids have the boxes available, including the burial shrouds.
  3. Our cemetery does not have a hearse. Transportation of the body is done by a funeral home from place of expiry to masjid and from masjid to cemetery. A list of these funeral homes can be found in the yellow pages.
  4. Subsidized funeral services are offered by the Niagara Region

Burial Lots

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Forms to Purchase Lots:
Lot Purchase Cemetery
Conditions of Contract