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Welcome to Niagara Islamic Society Peninsula, or I.S.N.P. located at
6768 Lyons Creek Road 

Ramadan Calendar 2019.

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

To my Brothers and Sisters, Friends and Family,

I am sad not to be with you today as we collectively mourn and pray for the deceased in New Zealand and their family. But even as I travel, I feel connected to you by the bonds of faith and friendship.

The Prophet said: My People are like one body, when one part hurts, the whole body hurts.

IWe are all in pain. I can tell you that no matter the pain you are in. You are loved. Our own community showered us with love - dropping off flowers, messages of hope and solidarity. At the beginning and at the end, we have each other.

Remember that the Prophet said: none of you truly believes until he wants for his brother what he wants for himself or she wants for her sister what she wants for herself...

For our brothers and sisters in New Zealand we want a community, like ours, that is filled with love and support.

May God bless the victims. May God give patience to their families.

With love,
Murtaza Najmudin

Terrorism has no place in Islam

We as members of the human race are heartbroken by the tragedy of human loss in Paris, Ankarra, Istanbul, Beirut, Brussels, Lahore and all of the world. These acts of violence are in no way representative of the peaceful teachings of Islam.

The perpetrators of the heinous acts have rooted themselves in hate and do not operate from the morals and principles of normal human beings.

"Whosoever kills an innocent human being, it is though he has killed all mankind. And Whosoever saves the life of one, it is as though he had saved the life of all mankind." (Qur’an, 5:32)

Muslims have been in Niagara for over 50 years.
Our hope is that as Canadians we will stand together against hatred and violence, fostering understanding and building on our good relations in the Niagara Peninsula.

Syrian Refugee Family Sponsorship by Islamic Society of Niagara Peninsula

As Salaam Alaikum – The Islamic Society of Niagara Peninsula in conjunction with Trinity United Church of Beamsville have decided to co-sponsor a Syrian Refugee Family. The process can take from 6 months to a year.

To sponsor the family we have determined that we will need help from our community to raise funds in the amount of $23,000. All funds collected will be administered jointly with the partner churches and will be collected by our Treasurer Br. Lawal or the President, Nadia Ali to be used solely for the Syrian Family. We are counting on you to be generous towards this endeavor. In addition to the monies collected we will require volunteers to assist with teaching English, translate, transportation and individuals who can offer accommodation and employment.

We sincerely hope that you, your friends and family will support us in helping a Syrian Refugee Family. For more information please speak with:

Dr. Ebrahim
Ebrahim, Angie Valli
Iqbal, Mehru Nakhooda
Sister Sohaila Qureshi

Jummah Prayers
Please join us every Friday for Jumah prayers. First Athan is at 1:30 PM. Khutba starts at 1:40 PM and the Jumah prayer at 2:00 PM.

Jummah Lunches

After prayers please join us for Jummah lunch for only $5 a plate. All proceeds from the Jummah Lunches go towards the upkeep of the Mosque. 

For a list of key contacts or if you would like to send us a message, click here